Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for Trivia!

Do we play the trivia in teams? 🤝

Our trivia is best played individually, however, we can offer a few different options for when you want to play in teams.

Do you decide the teams or can we decide? 🧐

If you want you can decide the teams, you will need to send this to us in advance of the event. For any event played in teams, we suggest about 5-6 players per team. It’s also a great opportunity to mix up those who may not work closely together on a daily basis. We can also randomly allocate players into teams if you don’t who will actually join on the day.

What kind of questions are in the trivia? ✍️

Our trivia is all general knowledge questions with a variety of different question styles including picture, audio and video style questions. We try to make our questions ‘Google-Proof’.

Can we have a customized trivia?

Of course! Let us know what you are looking for. Some requests may incur an additional fee.

How do the players answer the questions? 💻

We use an awesome answering platform. Players will simply need to open it on their browser (ideally on a separate device). The host will give them the link to go to, as well as the game code. This will allow them to submit their answers.

Will we be able to see the scores at the end of the event?

Yes, sometimes our hosts will also show the leaderboard throughout but the scoreboard is shown at the end of the event. We also send you a screenshot of all the scores after the event to share with your team.