How does it work? 🛠

We have created a unique virtual murder mystery event, in which players work in teams to solve a classic case of Whodunnit?. The host presents the players with a storyline and guides them through the case. It includes a variety of audio and visual clues, and the aim is to not only be the first to solve the case but to solve it correctly!

How long does the event last? ⏱

This event typically lasts for about 1.5 hours, however, with larger groups, it may be closer to 1.75 hours.

How many people can participate in the murder mystery? 👩‍💻

We allow up to 25 teams at once so this can vary in number of people depending on how many player’s you have per team.

Do we need to dress up? 👔

We totally encourage it, but players don’t have to dress up if they don’t want to.

Are we assigned a character? 👩‍🎤

We have created an event where the players do not need to do anything in advance to prepare for the event. The host will present the case, the victim and the different suspects. It is up to the teams to figure which of the suspects commited the crime.

Is there an option to have characters assigned to each player? 🧟‍♂️

We do have a mini version of our murder mystery for small teams of up to 10 people, where if requested we can pre assigned a character to the players and provide background information in advance.

How do you win the event? 🎉

At the end of the event, the teams will submit their answers. They will decide who the murderer is, how it was committed and the motive. Points are earned for each correct answer and the team with the most correct answers wins. There are also bonus points for the team that submits their answers first.

Is it suitable for children? 🧒

We wouldn’t recommend this for the little ones, maybe the older teens can join it with their parents.

Are there different scenarios to choose from? 🧐

Yes, plenty! And new ones are being created all the time! We have a few different scenarios to choose from. They range in difficulty and in ‘gore’ level! So you can make this a regular event with your team!

Can we have a customized Murder Mystery? 🔪

Possibly! Best to chat with us about what exactly you are looking for and we can decide if it is possible.