What is a virtual coffee break?

Our Virtual Coffee Breaks event is a short 30-45 minute event that consists of two parts - Icebreakers &  a mini Evenchilada signature game. The aim of the event is to reconnect the team during the work for a short entertaining coffee break.

What are Icebreakers?

Icebreakers’ can be a variety of questions or easy tasks set by our host to engage the participants. They are designed for participants to get to know each other better and hence “break the ice” at the beginning of the event. Here are some Examples of some of the Icebreakers we use - ‘Show your desk’, ‘Show us your favourite item on your desk’, ‘Show us a picture of yourself as a child’, ‘Tell us an embarrassing story’, ‘Tell us a joke’ etc.

Which mini games can we choose from?

You can choose from any of games below:


Wiki Games

• A round of Bingo (Choose from Music, Retro or Movie Quote Bingo)

Mini Trivia


Evenchilada’s Special Movie Mix

Mini Quiz Bingo

We can adapt the icebreakers or the mini game to be company-specific, which could be a great opportunity for you to introduce new recruits, speeches from team members, or educate the team in a fun and relaxed environment. We can easily adapt the event to suit your needs so do let us know if there is a particular combination of games you would like or if there is something that you don’t see above.

Is it possible to make the event longer than 45 minutes?

Sure thing, we are happy to extend it to suit your schedule. If you are looking for a longer event, you may want to check out our Evenchilada’s Team Building Experience event, which is an extended version of our virtual coffee breaks.

Does coffee come with the event?

We have some wonderful coffee hampers which can be added to your event and sent out to each participant in advance of the event. These hampers are available for specific regions.

How many people can participate in this event?

We recommend this event for up to 20 people. Smaller groups work best and are the most effective, especially for the Icebreakers so everyone can have an opportunity to speak. We can tailor the event to suit larger group sizes if needed.

Is this event only for introducing new colleagues?

Nope, this event can also work very well for teams that have worked closely together for a long time. The event is great for taking a break in the middle of the day to enjoy some coffee and have some fun with your colleagues.