How does it work? 🛠

Unlike regular bingo, Music Bingo will have either the name of songs or artists on the interactive bingo cards. The host will play clips of songs and the players need to tick them off their card as they hear. Our host will also call out the name so players don’t miss an opportunity to tick off a tile.

How many rounds are there in an event? 🧐

For a Music Bingo event, we usually have about 2-4 rounds, the event will last about 75 mins. But we can tailor it so if you want more or less rounds we can accommodate. You can also choose to add on a round of music bingo to any of our other events.

How do players win? 🙌

Just like regular bingo, the aim is to cross off all the tiles first. The first person to complete a line (horizontal or vertical) is a winner and then the game continues for the overall winner is the person to complete their full bingo card, which once they have they need to shout ‘Bingo’, and then the round is over.

What songs are played? 🎸

Think karaoke classics! We try to include popular well-known songs from a variety of decades. Something for everyone. But don’t worry the host will also say the names so you will still be able to tick off the tile even if you don’t know the song or artist.

Can we pick the music? 👩‍🎤

Sure thing! We can adjust the rounds to your liking! A popular choice is having rounds of 80s, 90s, 00s.

Can we sing along? 🎤

YES! YES! In fact, it's hard not to start singing along!

Are players sent their bingo cards in advance? 📬

With the awesome power of technology, at the beginning of each round our host will share a link in the chat box which each player can simply click on and their own unique and interactive bingo card will open up on the screen.

Can we have paper bingo cards sent out? 📦

If you want to send each player their own set of bingo cards, we can email you all the bingo cards in advance, we will need to know how many are participating. You can then print them and send them to your team, we can also use the online version as a backup.